Thursday, 21 February 2008

နအဖ ၏ ယုတ္မာပက္စက္ေသာ အခိုင္အမာလုပ္ၾကံမႈ ေရတိမ္နစ္က်ဆံုးရသူ ကရင့္ေခါင္းေဆာင္ ဖဒိုမန္းရွာ

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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 14:19:16 +0700
Subject: Karen leadership takes junta to task for killing
No.15 - 2/2008
20 February 2008

Karen leadership takes junta to task for killing

Saying 22-more of the top and mid level leaders are on the list of the assassins, the beleaguered Karen National Union (KNU) has pointed an accusing finger at the country’s ruling junta for the Valentine’s Day assassination of its secretary general.

According to a radio conversation intercepted by the KNU, Soe Myint aka San Byoke, a former KNU member, had reported to Col Myat Tun Oo, Burma Army, at 18:37, one and a half hours following the killing of Mahn Sha Laphan, that “the mission” had been “accomplished” and two of his members were now back in Myawaddy, opposite Maesod where the shooting took place.
Two men had taken advantage of the slack in security and shot Mahn Sha to death at his rented house. The two then escaped in a black Toyota truck. It was later discovered by the police at the bank of the Moei that bisects the two countries not far from the Thai-Burma Friendship bridge.
22-more, including himself, are on the hit list, according to Brig-Gen Saw Hsar Gay, a KNU Central Committee member, who was interviewed by SHAN on 18 February during the funeral service.
San Byoke had served as a police major at the KNU’s 7th Brigade until 2003 when he defected to the pro-junta Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA), he added. He is currently an adviser to the group’s 999th Battalion.
The slain leader’s responsibilities are now shared between his two deputies, Tu Tu Lay, 61, and David Tarkabaw, 73, in accordance with the decisions reached at the ad hoc meeting held by the KNU leadership following his killing.

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